Motorola Atrix HD & Motorola’s Engineered Brand Language

Motorola dropped the Atrix HD earlier this month on the ATT network, and I noticed, aside from the obvious geometry changes, that there was a minor update that made all the difference, intentional or not.

The updated part is the trim along the side of the device–it appears in what appears to be the  splattered paint texture common on DSLR bodies.

With this addition to the rest of the Motorola body can be appreciated through its ties to DSLR treatments. For example, the following image shows how texture zones on the Atrix HD are similar to that on a DSLR.

Assuming it was intentional, aligning Motorola mobile devices with DSLR’s is a smart move. Within the crowded consumer electronics market, DSLR’s are the product type that resonate most with engineered precision.

Motorola is doing it right by focusing on details, and establishing relevance with the consumer through familiar treatments in an original way.


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